This project was undertaken as a photojournalism challenge to express the feel of a forbidden yet approachable world in itself.

Life is a contrast. More so, for the dynamic dwellers of Brazil's largest favela, Rocinha. From the narrow lanes leading up to the crowded, ramshackle display of houses to the poor but hospitable attitude of the people, Rocinha is surely a true example of contrasts seen in day to day life.

Since the early years, Rocinha has been a home to notorious, drug related activities that had given birth to a small scale civil war between the various drug lords. It was not until, November 2011 that a special government task force entered the area to bring down the illegal regime and put an end to the rampant wars.

Rocinha, as seen today, appears to have a different outlook. Children of the slum are given educational and cultural guidance to choose an alternative pathway. Instead of joining a drug lord or becoming pick pocketers in the future, these children are encouraged to take up sports, graffiti and art. This photo-journalism project highlights the above mentioned situation.

Women And Sexuality

Portrayal of 'Sex' in ancient India was one that was uninhibited and quite interestingly, more advanced than our mentality today. Women in India are most often placed on a high pedestal, almost divine. The comparison of the lay woman to a deity or that of a loving, sacrificing mother has been an ongoing tradition. While some may enjoy the status, most wonder why they are given such an unrealistic name. Women, just like men, are mere human beings with the same bodily needs. While times have advanced, sex remains a clandestine, especially when it talks about the sexuality of a woman.

This project identifies women belonging to three different generations and understands their background. Highlighting the seven aspects of a woman's life; Education, Marriage, Work, Lifestyle, Home, Kids and Leisure, the aim is to compare all seven with three generations to get a clear overview of changes, improvements, disappointments etc.

OBT - Off the Beaten Track

Camera-check, bag-pack-check, enthusiasm-check. A long awaited trip to the ancient remains of the Dravidian temples was our destination. Most of the places on our itinerary were hardly visited by most of us. It was going to be a literal adventure for the budding photographers and designers.

Our reputation of being creative was put to test at the first stop, Sravanabelagola. No sooner did most of us get out equipped and ready to shoot, than the Sun decided to call it quits. The lighting condition would have been a challenge to shoot even for the best of photographers. External and in built flashes came to our rescue when Mr Johnny rekindled the almost dying verve and clicks were all that were heard! Our next two destinations would cover the two important world heritage sites of Karnataka. Belur and Halebid turned out more challenging than we anticipated. These marvellous architectural delights facilitated us to overcome text book problems of low lighting, colossal crowds and the overhead sun that gave us harsh shadows. These might have hindered our creative ability a bit, but on a brighter note, it showed us the reality of situations..

With Mysore and Srirangapatnam as our final two destinations, the work only got tougher. Mysore zoo was a much awaited destination. Live subjects are, in my opinion, more interesting to capture. They emote, unlike buildings, but will appear emotionless if not captured right. That was one of the most commonly faced problems. Also, unlike a wild life sanctuary, a zoo contains animals in cages. Well, for the most part. Many birds and reptiles were almost impossible to capture due to the hassles of cage wires, lighting etc. There were only a lucky few who managed outstanding pictures without the 'e' of editing! .


I am an honest hedonist, who believes that being a fully functioning individual is the only way to tread the roads that are offered by life. I write. I talk. And I click. Well, all the above mentioned traits require a clear mind and an uninhibited imagination. I believe I can conquer with words and emote through pictures.

About me:

Having graduated high school with an arts background, my focus was streamlined, converging into the sphere of communication. My three year graduate diploma in visual communication from National Institute of Creative Communication, Bangalore, has taught me an array of skills. Photography is my forte and writing, a passion. Illustration and design were never my chosen subjects, but understanding its usage has helped me reach a level of proficiency in regard to print advertising and photo-journalism.
I am on my way to pursuing my master’s degree in the field of Global Media Communication in Australia’s finest institutions, The University of Melbourne. This new phase in my life is both a change as well as a challenge and I hope to excel!
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