The neonatal & baby care kit is developed keeping in mind nuclear families
and working mothers. This kit help in training first time mothers and nannies
in techniques of proper care of an infant using sophisticated baby care
products, and the proper methods of raising a child.
This kit is a combination of visual media and print media, which makes this
product a complete learning package. Simple to follow and understand,
this home training kit helps its user to learn expert infant care.



  • Calender2012
  • Photo Book
  • Branding
  • Posters



Exploration with materials such as Wood, Metal, Paper, Acrylic

I personally believe that life teaches you something new everyday, and I am open to learn from it.
I love having the power to create or innovate something beautiful and useful, hence my intrest lies
in Brand building, Print and Packaging, Conceptualizing television commercials, Product visualization
and Different materials exploration.

I wish to work in an environment from which i can grow and learn, and helps me unleash the best
potential in me, making me deliver. I believe learning is a continues process which perpetuate
curiosity and the ambition to contribute and achieve.
I wish to continually confront my boundaries and expand my experience in the field of
design. I aspire to work in an environment that will utilize all my knowledge experience
and skills, and harness my ambition to a contribution for a meaningful objective.

Rishabh Khattar

+91 984 539 9211