I was born in the summer of 1991, to a family which surrounded itself in the arts. My uncle is an established Designer. It was watching him at work that ignited the artist within me. It was only fitting that I donned this mantle as I decided to choose a career in the arts.

I have always been captivated by art and creativity and I have long since wanted to delve into the creative field. I began my design studies at National Institute of Creative Communication,(NICC) pursuing an International Graduate Diploma in Communication Design and an integrated Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication. My initial aim was to learn Graphic Design. It was only after two years that I realized that I was more inclined toward Retail Design. Graphic Design however only bolstered this new inclination. To get a taste of the industry, I interned at Cogwheel Studios for three months. My main objective is to learn as much as I can and someday with this knowledge, found my own design firm.