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International Postgraduate Diploma Program - Advertising Print Media Design

International Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising Print Media Design

DURATION: 2 semesters
ELIGIBILITY: Graduation in any stream and NICC Entrance Exam pass (Aptitude Test, Portfolio Evaluation, Interview)    (Download application form here)
PROGRAM FEES: Rs.2,25,500/-
For Details & Breakup, see last page of Application Form

The program provides International Postraduate Diploma In Advertising Print Media Design - Pan-European acceptance and International recognition by ELIA Member-Institutions. This Diploma with the Portfolio it provides, is the platform to elite careers with Indian Industries & MNCs.

For more details of validity of qualifications and their significance, please see the Affiliations page.

The objective of the program is to produce high-level professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skill-sets to meet the most stringent standards in the Advertising Industry today and tomorrow.
The academic year is divided into semesters, which are further divided into academic quarters. Every quarter consists of lecture periods and lecture + project periods, during which students are engaged in projects which are a direct opportunity of applying what is taught and learned in a given quarter. Evaluation, therefore, takes place four times in a year, at the end of each quarter. This structure helps students to systematically build their portfolio of work, as the first prerequisite to enter the professional market.
Students are exposed to a combination of modules ensuring a focused,relevant knowledge spectrum:

Semester 1:
- Design Theory with Typography, Software Platforms
- Photography and Digital Processing for Print Media
- Advertising Concepts and Principles, Communication and Copywriting
- History of Art and Design
- Traditional Illustration and Digital Illustration
- Project
- Understanding concepts of visual and verbal communication in advertising design
- Introduction to work processes

Semester 2:
- History of Art and Design (individual presentation based)
- Layout and Layout Software Platforms
- Advertising Planning and Strategies
- Production Processes with Color Management
- Projects
- Integration and total immersion in work processes
- buliding-up material for final portfolio project

Internships and placement are provided for deserving students in select advertising agencies.

This program is highly focused, intensive and demands student's absolute determination and dedication. In order to complete this program successfully, the student needs to make a decision from the time of applying that this is the professional direction he/she is taking. NICC does not recommend this program to students who are not certain of their choice of professional specialization, thus would recommend a longer program such as Communication Design.