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International Masters Combination Program - Animation Production

The "Avatar" Professional Career Program: Empowering Students to Apply Hi-Tech 3D in Elite Professions (See below) Note: If you have visited this page before, please empty your browser cache and reload the page for newly-uploaded videos to appear.

International Postgraduate Diploma in Animation Production
+ M.A. Mass Communication Degree

DURATION: 4 semesters
ELIGIBILITY: Graduation in any field ( Art, Design, Computer Science preferred ) and NICC Entrance Exam pass (Aptitude Test, Portfolio Evaluation and Interview)   (Download application form here)
PROGRAM FEES: Rs.2,90,000/-per year

- MODELING, ANIMATION, COMPOSITING/EDITING with SFX for 3D Film and Real-Life /CGI Mixed-Media Film
- MODELING, ANIMATION, COMPOSITING / EDITING with specific reference to TV Advertising CGI Film Creation
- 3D and MIXED-MEDIA ILLUSTRATION for New Media and Print Media
SOFTWARE: Foundations in MAYA; Advanced 3D, SFX & VFX in LIGHTWAVE; Additional: DAZ 3D & Specialist 3D PAINTING PROGRAMS

Lightwave is the program which was used by Rob Powers (The VFX Director of the film, "Avatar".) Rob Powers is now the President of the NewTek LightWave Group and leads the LightWave 3D software development design. Powers was one of the original "Malibu Five" Avatar concept design team and the first CG artist to join James Cameron's team as Animation Technical Director for the film. Powers was a key team member during the development of the virtual workflows used by Cameron and created the industry's first Virtual Art Department (VAD) for "Avatar." Powers was also the Los Angeles based Virtual Art Department Supervisor for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's animated film "Tintin" based on the world famous graphic novels by artist Hergé.Lightwave has been the advanced SFX & VFX cutting edge of 3D since the beginning of CGI. It has been the heart of hundreds of TV Serials, Films, Games and TV Serials, and has always been a professional key in CGI & Composited Film. Lightwave has always been 'behind the scenes' since it was basically an advanced professional tool used at the finishing end of the Production Pipeline. The new versions of the program bring its huge capability to all who wish to use CGI for complex levels of Gaming Content, TV Serials, Mainstream Film, Product Design, Industrial Design, Illustration and anything else requiring brilliant, super-fast CGI, VFX, SFX & complex animation. Download a Full-Information PDF here. NICC is the first college in India to offer a comprehensive professional program in this ultra-high-end 3D platform. The videos shown on the Video Player on this page were created in NICC by one-person or at most 2-person Student-Faculty teams handling everything: Storyboarding, Screenplay, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Cameras, Animation, VFX, SFX, Rendering & Compositing. These are low-res sample videos: very short films to enable easy playability on the web. Illustrations shown on this page are NICC student work done in Lightwave.

The program simultaneously provides two qualifications in two years:
1) NICC International Postgraduate Diploma in Animation Production (NICC Diploma: Under Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Karnataka) - Pan-European and International recognition by ELIA Member-Institutions. This Diploma with the Portfolio it provides, is the platform to elite careers with Indian Industries & MNCs.
2) M.A. Mass Communication Degree - Issued by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore - U.G.C. Recognised.

For more details of National & International validity of qualifications and their significance, please see the Affiliations page.

The academic year is divided into semesters, which are further divided into academic quarters. Every quarter consists of lecture periods and lecture + project periods, during which students are engaged in projects which are a direct opportunity of applying what is thaught and learned in a given quarter. Evaluation, therefore, takes place four times in a year, at the end of each quarter. This structure helps students to systematically build their portfolio of work, as the first prerequisite to enter the professional market.

Semester 1 (Foundation):
- Theory and History of Art, Film and CGI
- Applied Fine-Arts: Traditional Illustration, Sculpting,
  Drawing in 2D and 3D (Perspective)
- Introduction to Computer Arts and CGI Technologies
- Essentials of Digital Photography and Cinematography
  as applied to 3D and Mixed Composites
- Concepts of Modeling and Animation
- Introduction to software platforms and Motion Graphics tools
  including integrated platforms in current use
  for animated / mixed television and feature film.

Semester 2 (Modeling):
- Choices and options in modeling methods
- Approach to Inorganic Modeling
- Splines and Polygons
- Precision Modeling and Modeling from Blueprints
- Application of Dynamics in Modeling
- Approach to Organic Modeling
- Human, Biped and Quadruped Anatomy for Modelers
- Emotions and their Physical Expression
- Modeling Conforming Clothes and Hair

Semester 3 (Rigging and Animation):
- Rigging for organic and inorganic models
- Forward and Inverse Kinematics
- Defining and Controlling Joint Functions and Target Deformation
- The 11 Classic Principles of Animation
- Walk Cycles
- Cameras: Angles, Focal Lengths and Distances, Depth of Field,
Multiple Cameras
- Introduction to Lighting and Texturing

Semester 4 (Texturing, Compositing, Editing, VFX, SFX, Sound):
- Advanced Texturing
- Advanced Lighting
- SFX and VFX
- Cross-Platform integration
- Speech and Lip-Synching
- Compositing with live footage
- Rendering
- Post-Production and Editing
- Game-Character Design
- Sound-Tracks and Sound Editing

- Portfolio finalization
- Internship / Placement program

Internships and job placements are on individual basis provided to deserving students with Animation and Film Production Houses, Architecture and Product Design Studios, and Design Studios in India. Some of these companies and organizations include Zynga, Freshdesk, NID Bangalore, Cognizant, Byjus Classes (Think and Learn Div.), and others. Please see Placement page for the list of companies of past NICC placements.