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    • Nick Talbot at NICC

      January 2013: TATA Elxsi Global Head of Design, Mr. Nick Talbot, views and discusses student Product Design Projects in the ongoing process of the collaborative Industry-Oriented, Industry-Specific Curriculum Development under the kind guidance of TATA Elxsi.
      Mr. Talbot spent a day with students showcasing projects in various domains of Design.
      The exhibition and presentations showcased projects in Packaging Design, Print, Retail Design, Photography, and Interaction Design.
      Mr. Talbot shared his views on the current trends and requirements of the competitive Design Industry in India and worldwide. He spoke about the importance of innovation and systems thinking, and stressed the importance of understanding human needs and how Design must always meet the same...

      • New Prototyping Lab Opened

        Jan 2013: NICC opens its new, extended Product Design Laboratory.

        • NICC Joins CII

          Jan 2013: NICC announces its acceptance into the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is India's premier business association - an industry-led and industry-managed organisation, playing a proactive role in India's development process. Founded over 117 years ago, it has institutional partnerships with 223 counterpart organisations in 90 countries. CII partners with industry and government through advisory and consultative processes via powerful initiatives of inclusive development which include health, education, structural reform and effective governance. Membership is possible only via recommendation followed by ratification at State and Regional Councils. NICC is grateful to be accepted as a member of CII and extends the benefits of this prestigious platform to its students who will benefit directly via the institution’s enhanced high-level industry interaction and connectivity.
          • External Examiners from TATA Elxsi

            Sept 2012: NICC’s core objective is enablement of Institution-Industry interaction to help maintain and grow the academic curriculum structure to be in keeping with Industry needs and to provide platforms of introduction for deserving graduates to the highest levels of internships and placements in the National and MNC Corporate segment.
            Therefore, continuous interaction with industry is crucial in achieving this objective.
            One such instance of industrial interaction is the collaboration with Tata Elxsi group.

            Senior Design Heads of TATA Elxsi conduct examinations (as External Examiners) for NICC end-of-term projects.
            Students pursuing the International Postgraduate Programs in Advertising Print Media Design and Communication Design presented their projects to Mr. R Venugopal, Manager Industrial Design at Tata Elxsi, while students of the Intl.
            Postgraduate Program in Retail Design presented to Mr. Punnet Singh, Manager, Visual Design - Industrial Design, Tata Elxsi.
            Final year students of the Intl. Graduate Program and Intl. Postgraduate Programs specializing in Packaging Design and Product Design had the opportunity to present to Mr. Shyam Sunder, Chief Designer Tata Elxsi.

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            • Momentum India 2012

              Jan 2012: NICC was honoured to work in 2012 with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in NICC's event, 'Momentum India'. Earlier in 2011, NICC initiated the movement, 'Momentum India', embodied in a series of events intended to bring about closer correlation between Design Education and Industry Needs. The event took place at the J.N. Tata Hall, Indian Institute of Science, on 15th and 16th January 2012. Premier industries and educational institutions were represented.
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            • Oct-Dec 2011: NICC directors met with TATA Elxi's Global Design Head, Mr. Nick Talbot, and Mr. Narendra Ghate (Chief Designer, IDE), to discuss tailormade curricula to create career-ready graduates with the skills and qualifications needed to become valuable assets to Industry in the fields of Design and Media. NICC is deeply grateful for the kind attention and advice given, and for the assurance of continued interaction with the institution to help it meet these objectives.
              • NICC Joins WDO

                Nov 2011: NICC is honoured to be accepted as a member of WDO (World Design Organization, formerly International Council of Societies for Industrial Design). Among the other seven premier Educational Institutions from India accepted by WDO are IIT (Mumbai), NID and Shrishti. TATA Elxsi is one of the two eminent Corporate Members from India.