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International Masters Combination Program - Product Design

International Postgraduate Diploma in Product Design
+ M.B.A. Project / Technology Management

DURATION: 4 semesters
ELIGIBILITY: Graduation in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Art or Design, with understanding and proficient drawing skills of three-dimensional forms, and NICC Entrance Exam pass (Aptitude Test, Portfolio Evaluation and Interview)
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PROGRAM FEES: Rs.2,90,000/-per year

The program simultaneously provides two qualifications in two years:
1) International Postraduate Diploma In Product Design - NICC is a Member-Affiliate of ELIA, The European League of Institutes of the Arts. NICC teaching curriculum is in accordance with international standards, and its students are accepted around the globe for higher education in the world's most elite Design Colleges. This Diploma with the Portfolio it provides, is the platform to elite careers with Indian Industries & MNCs.
2) M.B.A. Project Management or M.B.A. Technology Management - Students can choose between these two M.B.A programs. These Degrees are issued by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore - U.G.C. Recognised.

For more details of National & International validity of qualifications and their significance, please see the Affiliations page.

Product Design is concerned primarily with the relationship between Products, Systems and Users/Consumers. Therefore, the aims of a Product Designer are to develop innovative design solutions while addressing requirements of Physical, Social, Industrial, and Ecological / Environmental factors in Product Design. The program revolves around understanding elements such as Aesthetics and Functionality of Form, Ergonomics (human factors), Materials, Systems Thinking, Value Engineering, Presentation /Prototyping /Simulation, Production Processes, and finally, Design Management and Marketing. Product Design entails the merging and symbiosis of Left and Right Brain capabilities. The program is intended to create career-ready, competent Product Design professionals who are equipped with both Technological and Conceptual skills necessary to the evolution of products in the real-world industrial arena.

The academic year is divided into semesters, which are further divided into academic quarters. Every quarter consists of lecture periods and lecture + project periods, during which students are engaged in projects which are a direct opportunity of applying what is taught and learned in a given quarter. Evaluation, therefore, takes place four times in a year, at the end of each quarter. This structure helps students to systematically build their portfolio of work, as the first prerequisite to enter the professional market.

Semester 1:
Market Analysis
Product Analysis
Ideation and Innovation
Visualisation and Presentation
Form and Function
Experience Design (design based on user experience)
International Ergonomics Association - application of principles
RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury)
MSDs (Musculo-Skeletal Disorders) in the workplace

Semester 2:
Principles of Applied Engineering and Technology
Analogue and Digital Electronics
Robotics and Control Systems
System Integration
Digital and Physical Prototypes
Presentation Methods

Semester 3:
Materials and Material Processing
Key Manufacturing Methods and Workflow
Production Design
Production Planning
Problem Solving and Quality Control Systems
Optimisation / Principles of Value-Engineering

Semester 4:
Packaging Methods and Processes
Maximising Shelf-Impact
Marketing and Advertising: SWOT, Finance and Cash-Flow,
Project Viability Analysis, Principles of Marketing and Advertising,
Planning Strategies, Media - Analysis, Selection, Unconventional Media
Final Project and Portfolio

Internships and job placements are on individual basis provided to deserving students with Product Design Companies and Design Studios in India. Some of these companies and organizations include Tata ELXSI, Pearl Pet, Foley Designs, Beeswax Inc (H.Q: Florida, USA), SCPL Design and others. Please see Placement page for the list of companies of past NICC placements.