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International Masters Combination Program - Interior Design for Retail

International Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design for Retail
+ M.B.A. Retail Management Degree

DURATION: 4 semesters
ELIGIBILITY: Graduation (or equivalent) in Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Design or B.Sc. Viscom with proficient drawing skills of three-dimensional forms and spaces, and NICC Entrance Exam pass (Aptitude Test, Portfolio Evaluation and Interview)
PROGRAM FEES: Rs.2,90,000/-per year

The program simultaneously provides two qualifications in two years:
1) International Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design for Retail - NICC is a Member-Affiliate of ELIA, The European League of Institutes of the Arts. NICC teaching curriculum is in accordance with international standards, and its students are accepted around the globe for higher education in the world's most elite Design Colleges. This Diploma with the Portfolio it provides, is the platform to elite careers with Indian Industries & MNCs.
2) MBA Retail Management Degree - Issued by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore - U.G.C. Recognised.

For more details of National & International validity of qualifications and their significance, please see the Affiliations page.

The program combines Design and Management for future designers. NICC is the first Indian institution to pioneer the concept of combining Retail Design and Management disciplines in a single program. The objective is to create specialized designers for retail spaces, with a strong sense of aesthetic design, but keeping in mind the functional requirements of retail systems. The final outcome is a designer that designs beautiful, innovative, exciting and, most importantly, consumer-friendly, functional and well-utilized retail spaces. Studies focus on Design Disciplines such as Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Materials, Presentation Design, Architecture and Interior Design for Retail, Visual Merchandising and (optional) Retail Design for Web and New Media. Simultaneously, students are enrolled into a MBA Retail Management program, providing the overview in the fields of Retail Operations Management, Buyer Behavior, Marketing Management, International Retail, etc.
The academic year is divided into semesters, which are further divided into academic quarters. Every quarter consists of lecture periods and lecture + project periods, during which students are engaged in projects which are a direct opportunity of applying what is taught and learned in a given quarter. Evaluation, therefore, takes place four times in a year, at the end of each quarter. This structure helps students to systematically build their portfolio of work, as the first prerequisite to enter the professional market.

Hands-on learning experience
Real-time, live, industry-sourced projects are the key component of NICC's teaching environment. For example, a Retail Design project for a 15,000 square feet showroom, in Bangalore, of the SKC Group, was designed by NICC students, under the guidance of NICC Faculty. The showroom is spread over five floors, each with a different theme and ambience - according to apparel styles. NICC students worked on all aspects of Retail Design including planning, Aesthetic Visualization (with 3d walk-through presentations), Merchandise Distribution Processes and Storage, Visual Merchandising, Sub-branding Design solutions, Advertising Strategies and Advertising Design... This project provided valuable hands-on experience and interaction with industry for the students.

Internships and job placements are on individual basis provided to deserving students with Retail Design Studios, Architect and Interior Design Studios, and Design Studios in India. Some of these companies and organizations include Deepti + Anant Swami Architects, OrangeTip Designs, Gensler, Idiom Design and Consulting, and others. Please see Placement page for the list of companies of past NICC placements.