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    Testimonials - Graduates / Alumni

    Testimonials - Graduates / Alumni

  • "I’m pursuing my Pg Diploma in photography at NICC. (2017 - 2018). This one year has been amazing. I’ve learnt a lot, not only in photography but also design. I got placed at Canon India which was like a dream come true. I’m thankful to NICC and Dr. Akash Rose for their continuous support and for this wonderful job opportunity."
    - Sterin C.T.
    @ Canon India
  • My three years (2013-16)in NICC was perhaps the best learning period for me. There was so much to learn from, not only the classes but from the continuous projects that we had which prepared us for the industry. And when it comes to placements, they make sure only the best jobs and packages are given to us. I started my career with a package 6 lakhs p.a. Right now, as a Film maker and a Visualizer, I can confidently say, NICC set my career and one should totally consider NICC as one of your options.
    - Tribhuvan Chander
  • "I'm doing Post Graduation in Communication Design, batch of 2016-18. My two years have been amazing at NICC.This college has bought out the best in me. NICC has given me a field exposure which is a great experience.I'm currently working on my final project with the company pink lemonade where I'm exposed to the field before I get in. I have also been placed in pink lemonde and I am very thankful to NICC to give me such an opportunity."
    - Sandrine Monteiro.
    @ Pink Lemonade
  • "The two years that I spent in NICC were the best; thanks to the people who made moving into a new city easy and comfortable. NICC has helped me grow in all aspects of life; be it professional or personal."
    - Meghana Singh
    Creative Associate, Byjus
  • "NICC might seem like a small college but that has only been is a huge advantage, since we get to know everyone more personally. With all the care, guidance and attention we received from the staff as well as our fellow students, NICC always felt like a second family to me rather than some educational institution. The atmosphere was inviting and honest, and will always be an experience that I'll carry with me throughout my life. I didn't expect much for my first job, especially since I was a fresher. To my surprise I received multiple offers and finally chose Divami Design Labs in Hyderabad. I'm so grateful to the college for giving me these opportunities and helping me make the right decisions to advance in my career."
    - Diya Elizabeth Koshy
    Divami – HYD
  • "The placement cell at NICC is indeed very helpful and through their thorough diligence I received a fair number of offers, which has led to my current employment. It helps develop faith in one's abilities and to be keenly pursuant of one's professional goals, specially when faced with a lack of professional contacts in a new city."
    - Mayukh Maity
  • "The college challenged me and this helped me realize that I not only have talent behind the lens, but also at directing, editing and graphic design and animation. I now try to use this combination of skill sets to create an astounding impact on my viewers."
    - Tribhuvan Chander
  • "NICC is a premier institute for experimental learning and cross-disciplinary Design education. Two years' Postgraduation in NICC has nurtured in me an aesthetic sensibility, design competence and requisite skills to put various creative ideas systematically into practice as a professional Animation Film Designer."
    - Deepanjan Sarkar
    Former Research Associate at National Institute of Design, NID R&D Campus, Bangalore
    Presently Animation Film Designer at Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • "Here I am one step closer to my dream and this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't about NICC. The institution may look small but it holds a huge amount of exceptionally talented faculties who has showed us a real path that leads to our dream, They worked hard on moulding our talents. I am happy about the placement I've got through NICC since I've always been interested in digital designing. Thank you NICC for nurturing my talent and getting me where I am now."
    - Tahiya Fathima
  • "I met some very interesting people, both students and teachers, at NICC who have helped me explore multiple different disciplines in the fields of art and design and helped me grow into a competent, multidisciplinary professional."
    - Debayan Paul
  • Having a background of Interior design, the exceptional curriculum of PG Retail design at NICC added a new dimension to my carrier. It broadened my perspective and I was encouraged to always push the methods beyond convention. The institute was something like a laboratory to me where I could explore new ideas and methods across all the platforms they provide or combine them without any constraints or boundaries. The lectures represented a great blend of academic and real world background. Lecturers give individual focused attention, so I was guided to shape and grow my ideas in the right direction. Every student is pushed hard, encouraged to contribute and expected to deliver at a high standard. The projects are challenged at every stage to make them unconventional but feasible which prepares you to create your own niche in the highly competitive world. Students are provided with a platform to present their works to reputed personalities from the industry and receive valuable feedback from them. The two years of PG at NICC was a valuable investment which marked a milestone in both my personal and professional life.
    - Krupa Prajapati
    Architecture & Planning Professional
  • "NICC offers a vast spectrum of knowledge to be learnt. From getting your hands dirty with clay, paint or charcoal to learning the art of graphic design through the latest and best software technology has to offer and to capture the world around you "picture perfect", NICC has it all. The best place to be in for a strong foundation with absolute freedom to learn anything related to design. The faculty are an amazing support system who make quality learning super fun and a relationship built for life!"

    - Supriya Patankar,
    ITGP Communication Design,
    Junior Design Consultant, Idiom Design & Consulting, Bangalore
  • "NICC is a great place not just as long as you are there but even after. There is no place where you will get continued guidance and support like this."

    - Pallavi Thakur,
    IMCP Retail Design,
    Senior Research Associate, NID Bangalore
  • "When I was pursuing design thinking and design informally during my degree days, I always wondered if these fields would ever fetch me a career in it, because people around me knew so little about it. After joining this college, I can confidently say that I can pursue design as a career, as it has made me aware of how important a designer's role is, in the industry. NICC prepares every student to be 'Career-Ready' at the end of the course term, something that most colleges fail to do. The college, with it's well-experienced faculty, prepare us for what is currently happening in the industry, so that the students have an advantage over every one else in the field, by anticipating the game early and moving forward. Whether it's about learning Design Theory or Practicals, NICC excels in both, since it embraces the culture of 'cross-platforming', thus making it crucial for every student to learn different forms and aspects of design that are related to one another. NICC succeeds in challenging my perspectives and my abilities every semester, to help me deliver good design work. Thank you, NICC!"
    - Sushanth Subramanyan
  • "NICC cares for every individual and makes every effort to ensure success not only in their careers, but also in their lives."
    - Hina Ashra,
    Entrepreneur, Founder/Director, IWearMe
  • "I was searching for a route to fulfil my dearest ambition - to join Ananda Bazaar Patrika (ABP), As a born-and-bred Kolkatan, this was my ultimate dream. I joined NICC in the belief that they would do their best to help me fulfil this dream and, by the grace of God, that is exactly what they have done.I am now with ABP - writing, photographing and participating in administrative affairs.I have never seen a college like NICC in India - NICC keeps its word and delivers real value."
    - Anindya Shankar Ray,
    Photojournalist and Circulation Admin, ABP Kolkata
  • "Attaining my advanced post graduate degree in graphic design from NICC is the best professional decision I have ever made.NICC offers a great program for those who are willing to work hard and wish to be challenged. I appreciate the mentorship and positive support. In my experience, students come out of NICC both well trained and well grounded, thus preparing them for success in both work and life."

    - Shalomie Xavier,
    Deputy Brand Designer, R K Swamy BBDO, Chennai
  • "NICC is a great platform for acquiring holistic knowledge of Visual Communication. The personalised treatment and attention given to each and every student is really special, and the amount of knowledge and variety of topics covered in classes is truly valuable. I would like to thank the senior faculty of NICC for the immense support and assistance that I've recieved from them in all out-of-the-box assignments that I've done at NICC and really learned what advertising is."
    - Sayantani Bhowmick,
    Brand Designer, RK Swamy BBDO
  • "I have always known that I am an Artist, but was never able to translate my potential. NICC is the place which helped me to be what I knew I could be.To be an Artist-Designer, one needs to be guided by experts who really know the meaning of 'Art' in its true sense, and NICC has the best of them."
    - Chandrima Dutta,
    Graphic Designer, C.Krishnaiah Chetty and Sons
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