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Latest Industry Comments 2018

    Latest Industry Comments 2018

    Pepper Square

    Muki Regunathan,Founder and CEO
    Pepper Square - Solving business problems by “Design Thinking"


    "We have hired two students from NICC so far. We are very happy with the quality of the talent NICC is producing by shaping students career in a right manner. I have interacted with the Design Students a few months back and got amazed at the quality witnessed. It was an amazing experience to see the energy to change and build. We are looking forward to hiring from NICC whenever we have open positions. The process followed in the teaching with the good mix of practicals and on job assignments/ training make the program unique. I hope to see great leaders and entrepreneurs from NICC."
    Nitin Sethi
    VP Product Design & User Experience

  • ZARA

    NICC has been a wonderful platform for us, we had a lot of students from NICC who has interned with our brand and were really good at their work. They have perfect knowledge of cameras, lights and photography, we have done numbers of fashion shoots with their students and also willing to do alot more in future. We wish to continue the same fruitful collaboration with NICC and are very glad to be a part of this organisation.
    Mohsin Shaikh
    Managing Director, Zaras International Academy


    The following is a gist of my experience at NICC As an alumnus of NICC my expectations from the institution were high and I wasn't disappointed. The entire placement process itself was very well organised and communication was spot on. But the best part was the students themselves who were not only enthusiastic but also very polite. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
    Hitesh Theodore Pereira
    Manager, Director 3D Team at Byju's


    I would start by expressing my happiness in the way the NICC students have been performing with us. Robi Singha, Divya Rathod, Shreyash Patnaik, Brighton Shalom, Bishal Kar and Karan Ajith Kumar have been doing really great. I am happy with the quality of the students that come from NICC. They have a good knowledge in their area of interest and are very experimental. I like how the students approach a project and they are professional in their outlook. The big challenge is to pick the couple of students from a pool of talents.
    Deepu M Nair
    Creative Director


    Our association with students of NICC goes back to 2013 when we teamed up with Rahul for a shoot of cotton farmers in the tribal areas of Adilabad,Telanaga and Yavatmal, Maharashtra. At that point we didn't know much about the college or any of the other students. It was in 2014 when we working on a training Module for Titan Company that we used the freelance services 6 of their students. From then on we have worked with or hired over a dozen of their students for our Film and Graphic Design divisions. Last year we hired (from Campus) 5 of their graduates out of a batch of 11 who went through our WAVE (Week at Veeville Experience. What we enjoyed the most about our interactions is the eagerness and willingness to work hard and learn quick making this an extremely and pleasant experience.
    Wayne Bento
    Head - Operations, Veeville Consulting