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    Parents Speak

  • “NICC- Still Waters Run Deep”
    8TH May 2013- A day, a month, a year that will be remembered with all the fondness the word itself can give!! As we entered the campus with our son TribhuvanChander for the interview who had that not so sure of “what the heck life is about”, the proceedings and the thereafter events of the day left us with no doubt that our son’s voyage was about to begin in the intended direction from here.
    3rd March 2017- A day, month and year that shall be permanently etched in our minds with that complete joy and bliss - As we entered the convocation hall for the momentous occasion of our son’s convocation who this time had that crowning glory look and flushed with confidence of “what life lay ahead of him” Need we say more, except a big thank you to NICC who had fulfilled and brought out the star material out of our son,reposing the confidence that was nervously inside him all these years and which now was a halo around him giving him that radiant look. The complete man was in front of us as we had tears of joy when he strode with the confidence to the stage to receive his graduation honor – a dream complete for him in terms of his vocation he was searching for- a diamond which was carved, polished and packaged for the world to look at in admiration by NICC. We in turn look at NICC with that deep admiration and gratitutde – a million thanks would not suffice, but let us offer this to begin with – THANK YOU NICC- THANK YOU INDEED!!!!
    Warm Regards, ArundhanthiChander- Mother, Chander Rajagopal- Father
  • "My daughter Mihikaa T Bhaskar educational experience at NICC has been exciting and challenging. More importantly for me, the liberal atmosphere and the sense of community that she feels has enriched her experience. Of all the brilliant offerings of NICC, the faculty far outshines everything else, specially in her first year. She has found extraordinary mentors at NICC - teachers and advisers who challenge and support her in her thinking and her artwork. I am sure she will remember always the relationship she has formed, both with her fellow students and faculty, passionate creative people dedicated to learning and exploring. I am really going to miss NICC when my daughter graduates this year. It has completely changed her life, and I feel a deep-seated fondness for this College. It's something that's difficult to put my finger on, but there is a striking charisma and charm that I've never found at any other college, including my own alma mater. Last but not least NICC is fun - it is fun if you like using your imagination, talk to the faculty and have thoughtful conversations with friends."
    BhaskarPattani, Bangalore

  • I am Sneha Bengani's mother from Kolkata. You have given her the best knowledge and today she is working in FRDC as a Retail Designer. I am thankful to you for being so kind and gentle.
    Mrs. Bengani, Kolkata.
  • "My son Samyamoy completed his bachelor degree at NICC, Bangalore. It's a marvelous institute developed by their faculties, who groom a boy or a girl in very effective manner to build his or her career in visual communication. Due to such orientation my son got a big opportunity for Master in SRFTI, Kolkata. Praying for amazing future of NICC."
    Dr. DebashisDebnath, M. Sc., Ph.D.
    PremchandRoychand Scholar of Calcutta University (Gold Medalist); Associate Professor (Faculty of Social Anthropology),Faculty Area of Sociology and Community Development;
    Chairperson- International Centre for Community Forestry, Indian Institute of Forest Management.

  • "NICC was a brilliant choice for my daughter to pursue her dream of becoming an animator. The college doesn't restrict the students to any criteria, it allows them to explore the different fields they want to work in and teaches them to become all-rounders. The college instills in them a strong passion for their work and field, and also prepares them for the future. My daughter is extremely happy to be a part of NICC."
    Regards PreethaSurendran , Dubai , UAE.
  • "Sending my son to this institute was really a hard yet correct decision, considering the numerous institutes that have been build up in the recent times in this field and choosing the best among them. Today seeing his improvements, as reflected in his works, the satisfaction of choosing a proper institution whelms me. Hope to the best that in his 4 years of study in NICC, he will learn even more and gain the experiences needed to guide him through the path of success.
    Sanjoy Das, Kolkata. West Bengal