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Testimonials - Students

Testimonials - Students

  • Mihikaa T Bhaskar

    I am Mihikaa T Bhaskar, pursuing communication design at NICC. Being in my final year, I can confidently say that this course has helped developed my design process, execution methods, technical skills, design sense and practical perspective. At NICC, the emphasis on process, concept and practicality results in good design as a solution and not just as art. The institute provides a good foundation of right mentality, technical skills required to execute one's ideas and prepares one for industry requirements, expectations, working atmosphere, and projects. The best and most important takeaway is probably the ladder of steps to follow for any design requirement and the broad understanding of how vast a term design is and applies to.

  • Rajdeep Chatterjee

    “This degree is unique as it provides students with a foundation in art and design theory, improves proficiency in design technologies. Since starting with sessions, my understanding of both the technologies and the theories behind design has greatly improved. Having a stronger handle on what I'm doing has given me a lot more confidence in my designing, allowing me to push myself and experiment more. "

  • Varun Rao

    NICC is the design college which provides admission to all students irrespective of academic background and only based on their design skills. It also provides a degree, along with an International diploma in designing. NICC trains its students for individual as well as team work through their projects. NICC provides both knowledge art and software skills. NICC has been providing a lucrative career to all its students, as they are ready to meet the industrial requirements after they complete their course.

  • Chandrim Das

    Having spent almost one year in NICC, I've went through various stages of designing field, in spite of the fact that I actually came here for Visual Arts course. The different projects given to us with the phases involved in it, is actually a journey from which we can learn a lot from conceptualization to execution, including presenting it to the mass. The college maintains a proper student-friendly environment, and students not only learn from teachers but also from all the fellow students, including seniors and juniors, thus making it a proper design institution.

  • Vidhisha Kedia

    NICC is considered to be one of the leading colleges in terms of design. This institute helps in nurturing students talent and individuality. They create a niche, that brings out the colorful ideas of every student. NICC provides the perfect platform for students to develop & prove their talent which helps the students to be a successful designer in future. NICC has helped me by showing me a new perspective of design and be what I am today.

  • Craig Dcosta

    NICC is unlike any other regular mainstream design college. It’s a very homely and relaxed atmosphere where creativity is encouraged and emphasized more than just theory. The syllabus, teaching methods and assessments focus more on making students ready for the industry and each student is constantly pushed till they are the best they can be. In the 2 years that I spent here for my post graduation studies, I have gained a lot more confidence in myself as well as my work and I am confident that when I finally set foot in the industry, I will be able to make a name for myself wherever I go.

  • Murtaza Ezzi

    I came to know about NICC because a friend of mine studied over here. NICC has been a great experience for me so far and also a great learning experience. I loved the part that even after being a small institute the institute offered us their attention individually to each student and helped everyone wherever they got stuck. It's a great institute and there is scope for everyone to develop their talents and keep working towards what they wanted to be good at. I would definitely recommend people to go to this institute.

  • Megha Rao

    I came to know about NICC when I was searching for colleges that taught good communication design. Although, visually it didn't look as inspiring as I'd expected, it had great reviews from old and present students. In the two years I've been here, I've learnt quite a lot in my field. The projects we've done and the resources we've been exposed to are very inspiring and insightful. I have gained experience both in my subjects as well as in the industry. The faculty have also always been extremely helpful. Overall I feel that I've met a lot of successful and motivating people, who'll help and inspire me to achieve whatever I want.

  • Hemasri

    They say little things tend to make big things happen and NICC has proved that statement. One exceptional factor of NICC that has to be mentioned is on acknowledging how the industry works and letting the students perform accordingly. It could be your platform to exhibit your individual thoughts and let you break the bog-standards. The growth of your design aptitude shall be sprouted up here as you learn along the way. One could have a congenial experience in this abode of innovation. I joined here for a better apprehension of design and I'll have to undoubtedly thank the college for its delivery.

  • Madhulika Victor

    I'm very glad that I joined NICC and given the privilege to write a feedback for this college. It gives me a chance to express my gratitude to this college for teaching me a lot. I learnt a lot from this college. I joined this college for photography and I'm very happy with them as they teach me in what I want to focus. This college also has excellent teachers that have alot of experience and they teach you more then what you want to learn. Every student has the liberty to do what they want. At the end being in this college is amazing and the placements that we get are really good.

  • Avneet Kaur Rayar

    Like many other, I come from a science background. Later I chose something unconventional like 'design'. Life at NICC is a new beginning for me. After spending almost a year here, the experience is liberating, as the people I've met here are a diverse talent and an incredible bunch. I look forward to explore and discover the abilities and new talents within me.

  • Karan Ajith Kumar

    My name is Karan Ajith Kumar. I am visual arts student, pursuing photography and it has been my passion since I stepped foot in to this institution. This place has helped me learn and grown as a photographer. NICC has made me more confident with my work and has taught me how to deal with real life situations which has made me industry ready.

  • Mitanshee Srivastava

    Coming from a Maths and Science background, NICC marked the starting of my long and rough journey as a designer. In the past three years, the college has helped me understand the difference between a designer and an artist and their role in the commercial world outside. I’ve met a number of people here and luckily most of them have been nice and inspiring. I learnt a lot about life and also grown up to be a stronger person. I’m extremely thankful to the faculty at NICC, for always listening out to me patiently and supporting all my crazy ideas. The institute has helped me to break out of my shell and explore the styles and forms of design. The institute breaks the conventional way of education only to provide the students here with a new approach to design.

  • Piyush Singhania

    My time at this wonderful institution has been filled with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The people I have met are a diverse and incredible bunch of creative people. The dedication support and motivation of the surrounding is remarkable, and enable students to improve themselves. With its state of the art facilities and engaging projects, there is never a dull moment at NICC.

  • Samuel Ebenezer

    Life in NICC : I still remember the 1st time I walked into the campus, it felt nothing like an institution and more like home. Till today the feeling remains and it always will feel like a home away from home. Over the past three years I’ve made a second family and my faculty has been extremely supportive in all the endeavours I’ve decided to undertake. The faculty are sweet and helpful people who make you feel like you can achieve anything you set your mind to. They positively re-enforce you and make sure you do not give up. All in all NICC is a wholesome experience that no other college can offer you It not only teaches you what to do but also gives you an industry ready attitude and frame of mind . My journey in NICC started in 2014 and it has been a pleasant experience overall . Thank you NICC

  • Peter

    NICC has given me the freedom to think beyond my comfort zone and experience. This is a great place where one can harness their true potential and develop a positive attitude to succeed in the field of Creative Industry. The faculties are friendly and approachable for any help. I recommend NICC for students wanting to learn in a creative community and wanting to pursue a career in this field.

  • Alim A Narsingani

    I believe that the passion for design comes from within the deepest parts of an individual. One needs to strive hard to harvest this passion from under the ocean and I am glad to say that NICC was able to help me find this treasure in myself. This institute is comprised of different people from different parts of the country which makes it a place for diverse learning. The teaching style is very much impressive. Text books can give us knowledge but there is no replacement for an institute that believes in practical learning. The concepts and projects produced here are on par with the industry. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. As a product design student, NICC gives me tools to go out in the world with confidence. I was anxious about my future when I joined NICC but over the two years so many doors were opened for my personal and academic development. I like the fact that the number of students in class is less and the faculties are amazingly friendly. They are always available and willing to help. At NICC our potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are turned into reality. It has been a wonderful experience for me so far and I am very happy to say that I am living my dreams and studying a subject that I am passionate about.

  • Shivani Trivedi

    I am Shivani Trivedi pursuing mu UG degree in communication design at NICC college. NICC made me grow on an individual level. The institution has helped me develop new perspective towards design and find my own style. I am extremely thankful to the faculties who have patiently guided me through my projects. The institute has given us exposure to not just one field but a lot of them helping us understand the versatility of this field. The projects were directed in a way that made us ready for the commercial world by focusing on the design process. The years I have spent here learning, have made me understand my importance as a designer. I will always be grateful to NICC for bringing out the designer in me.

  • Trishla Ostwal

    I am Trishla Ostwal, final year student perusing visual arts at NICC. From the beginning I have had a driving passion for photography. But it was a little difficult to find a college with the course designed exactly which coincides with my interest. I was glad to be introduced to NICC. Since year 1, which is the foundation year, each step has been a learning one. There is so much to learn and discover in this field and it is int as easy as one assumes it to be. Little did I know that designing and visual arts coincide. I am a much more confident person today and am ready to take on the challenges out there in the industry. The quarter projects here are industry oriented so since first year you are made to work in a manner which is demanded by the career world out there. NICC is a hidden treasure and I am surely glad to have discovered it!

  • Lopamudra Maiti

    " Having grave reservations about my ability going into the course, it was very encouraging and motivating to receive feedback from the tutors which not only built on the skills I did have, but also encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective and to motivate me to achieve even more."

  • Sai Gaikhe

    As a student I have always wanted a smaller college setting, where people know you, are willing to mentor you and care about you, NICC has given me all these things. I got survival skills from here and I am surrounded by faculty members who encourage innovation and creativity, as well as critical thinking and problem solving. I strongly recommend NICC for students who want to excel in the field of design and want to enjoy what they are learning.

  • Varun E S

    NICC is a college with a homely environment where it doesn't feel like a mundane institute. The relationship between the faculty and students is at a personal level where the faculty understands each and every student to his/her uniqueness. The college follows an experimental way of learning which results in deeper understanding among students. The college also promotes sports, providing more opportunities to the sportspersons to pursue their passion.

  • Caesar Monteiro

    Coming from a very conventional background where Medicine, Dentistry,Law are the mainstream options art was a whole new field for me. As sceptic as I was, after visiting Nicc and having a look around the campus, I knew it in my guts that this place is meant for me. A unique campus, with talented students all around, this place brought in a whole new perspective in my mind. The program here enhanced the creative side of me and I discovered a part of me which never knew even existed. The curriculum is designed in a way which brings out the best in you and prepares you for the world outside. Overall it harness your skills and builds your personality

  • Sahil Kutty

    I am Sahil Kutty, studying at NICC, currently in my final year of Visual Communication. Apart from enhancing my design skills, the college has also provided me with a good foundation of professional photography. NICC has made me understand the importance of spreading into different areas of design instead of sticking to just one, which has helped me to step out of my comfort zone. At NICC, I've learnt that in design, the process is as important as the outcome.

  • Ankita Someshwar

    Its been two years now that this college has been my family and guide.The college and my respected faculties have been very helpful in my journey to follow my passion. Its said that an artist is born but a designer is made. I was then a person with great imagination and creativity but my skills got polished and made to shine. It was not my initial step towards being a designer but I can say it gave my work a proper approach and meaning. I am now a much more confident designer to enter the industry thanks to the college's liberal education system.

  • Keerthana Lochana

    I joined this institute mainly for Photography and was completely fixated on "only" wanting a deeper and professional learning of photography. Surprisingly enough, I'm currently in the 3rd year of my Visual Communication degree. Not only did I get to learn exactly what I wanted to when I became a part of this Institute but also got a chance to study other core subjects which helped me understand the link between the Design and the Visual Communication world as a whole. This college has also taught me how to be independent and learn to accept failures and rise with better results for myself as an artist and a student. It has also taught me that, always having knowledge about other core subjects as well that go hand in hand with the main subject chosen, only adds that much more value to a person as an artist and their understanding while doing a particular project. This college gave me more than what I had ever expected to have experienced.