The product I created is called CULTURA, the products provided in the kit are a work book, stationery and a bag.
The concept of my product was to create a compact and sleek tution bag, that irradicates the need of carrying a heavy bag.
This study kit is compact and the workbook provided is a combination of a textbook, notebook, question bank and syllabus book; which ispackaged in a sleek waterproof bag with sufficient space to store extra stationery or an extra book.

The colors used are white and green for the packaging as the colors are gender neutral and bright.
he colors inside the book are green and yellow so that the students don’t find it monotonous to study and brightens the study material, and makes it easy to retain the important matter as it is highlighted in the book.

The material used for the bag are durable and can be retained for future use.


The brand chosen was Body Shop, and the products used are mango and almond’s body wash and body cream. The packaging is to be sold at all body shop showrooms in India.

The concept of the packaging line was to bring a little ethnicity into the brand and make it a little more attractive to the Indian buyers by using patterns that are very widely recognized as it plays an important part of the colorful culture we belong to. My packaging line was designed in such a way that it does not require wrapping to be gifted, it looks rich and gives a feel of luxury, and it could be used for all occasions.

The materials used make the box durable hence the customers can retain the box for personal use later on. The colors that I chose to use on the boxes are the same as the products used inside giving the buyer an idea of the products in the gift box.

  • Project Analysis
  • Packaging development


OBT Brief

To create a Travle Guide of any place of your choice.

Preservation Brief

To create a photo narrative/essay of any innovation made in India .

  • OBT 2011
  • Preservation


The brand chosen was Perfect Riders, my aim was to use different and cost effective ideas using print media as a medium for advertising. Keeping the current strategies in mind, I came up with new and fresher ideas that would retain the brand’s identity in the customers mind. The concepts used are minimalistic and relatable to the customers.

  • Project Breif
  • Print Media
  • Merchandise
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