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International Undergraduate Twinning Program - Visual Arts

International Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts
+ B.Sc.Visual Communication Degree

DURATION: 4 years (8 semesters)
ELIGIBILITY: + 2 (or equivalent) and NICC Entrance Exam pass (Aptitude Test, Portfolio Evaluation, Interview)    (Download application form here)
PROGRAM FEES: Rs.2,80,000/-per year

1) Commercial Photography
2) Animation
3) Cinematography

The program simultaneously provides two qualifications in three years:
1) International Graduate Diploma In Visual Arts - NICC is a Member-Affiliate of ELIA, The European League of Institutes of the Arts. NICC teaching curriculum is in accordance with international standards, and its students are accepted around the globe for higher education in the world's most elite Design Colleges. This Diploma with the Portfolio it provides, is the platform to elite careers with Indian Industries & MNCs.
2) B.A Degree or B.Sc. Visual Communication Degree - B.A. Degree is issued by Bangalore University, while B.Sc.Visual Communication Degree is issued by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore - both U.G.C. recognized

For more details of National & International validity of qualifications and their significance, please see the Affiliations page.

Academic year at NICC is divided into semesters, which are further divided into academic quarters. Every quarter consists of lecture periods and lecture + project periods, during which students are engaged in projects which are a direct opportunity of applying what is taught and learned in a given quarter. Evaluation, therefore, takes place four times in a year, at the end of each quarter. This structure helps students to systematically build their portfolio of work, as the first prerequisit to enter the professional market.
The program provides close interaction and guidance through theory lectures, practical assignments, and projects, all of which build a quality portfolio of work at the end of the program, empowering the student to enter the job market or pursue higher studies abroad or in India.

First year - Foundation year: Common for all undergraduate programs. Students are exposed to a gamut of creative disciplines / subjects / modules ensuring a focused, relevant knowledge spectrum forming the foundation of the program. This enables the student to experience a variety of creative domains and understand the interdisciplinary nature of Design. Students are engaged in theory and practical classes, assignments, and projects in:
- Principles of Design
- Form and Materials
- Art (drawing, painting, sculpting)
- History of Art and Design
- Basic Photography and Image Processing
- Film & Video
- Fundamentals of CAD, 3D Modeling and Animation
- Graphic Design
- Fundamentals of Interaction Design (Game and Toy Design)

Second and third year: studies are focused on:
- Photography: History, Theory, Techniques and Processing, Image Manipulation.
- Film: History and Appreciation, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, Direction, Cinematography.
- Animation: History, Principles, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, 2D Animation, Flash Animation, Compositing (Green-Screen) Technique, VFX and SFX.
- 3D projection and Walkthrough
All topics listed above are addressed via specific streams within Visual Arts, and via which learning and development of portfolio work takes place through projects.

Fourth year: Focus on industry specialization within Photography, Cinematography or Animation

Internships and job placements are on individual basis provided to deserving students with Ad Agencies, Design and IT Companies, and Design Studios in India. Some of these companies and organizations include Zynga, Metro Brava, Freshdesk Chennai, Idiom Design and Consulting, and others. Please see Placement page for the list of companies of past NICC placements.