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1st Institution in India
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International Curriculum
Career-Centric UG & PG Courses

  2022-23 Admissions Open

All Twinning Courses are with ECTS - Internationally Linked Through Affiliation with ELIA Holland
Diplomas approved by DCE Govt. of Karnataka
Govt.Approved Diplomas | WES-Accepted Govt.University Degrees


Created, Directed, Acted & Processed by NICC Students

In this Program students study and create evocative images and videos. At the heart of this program is photography. The composition of the image is further extendedinto Cinematography. Graduates of this program are eligible for jobs as Photographers, Content creators or digital marketing and promos, Cinematographers for commercial and corporate films.
Main topics in the syllabus for International Professional Diploma
1. Commercial Photography: Camera fundamentals – Optics – Metering – Lensing & Lighting – Composition – Art direction and styling – Image Processing – Touch-up techniques – Genre specific photography – product photography, wildlife & bird photography, portraits and fashion photography, macro photography, landscape photography and architecture photography - project management – Stock photography – Publishing
2. Cinematography: Pre-Production – Script and Screen play development – Storyboarding – Video Shoot – Lighting and Camera Movements – ad filmmaking – documentary filmmaking – sound recording and editing
3. Video Editing & Post-Production:Video Editing in Adobe Premiere – compositing techniques using Adobe After Effects – Colour grading – Video stabilisation – Video rendering – Titling
4. Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition

UGC Approved Degrees accepted by WES*:
*World Education Services
1. M.Sc. Visual Communication OR
2. M.Sc. Journalism & Mass Communication
3. MBA Project Mgmt
4. MBA Marketing
Degrees are via direct enrollment with Bharathiar University

NICC is a Member-Affiliate of ELIA, The European League of Institutes of the Arts, and teaching curriculum is in accordance with their international standards, and trains students specifically to become top-level photographers & cinematographers capable of making a high-paying International careers.
Also, NICC is accepted as a Sister College by 440 top colleges worldwide. so if you wish to go abroad, this is one of the best platforms in the world.

NICC is the FIRST & ONLY Institution chosen by NIKON as Equipment Partner, and regarded as one of the finest institutions in the country delivering high-quality professional education in Photography and related disciplines. It has a full-fledged air-conditioned photo-studio with the latest DSLR equipment and accessories, and professional software necessary for high-level image processing.